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About uS

Welcome! Tyler + Amanda here. 

We met in Denver, Colorado March of 2015, and very shortly thereafter, began planning our adventures together. After about four months of dating, we uprooted our current lives in the front-range area and moved to Durango, Colorado (SW about 5 + 1/2 hours.) There wasn't necessarily much rhyme or reason as to why we chose Durango, except for the fact that multiple sources told us [separately] that we would enjoy the area- it's basically your outdoor enthusiast's dream. We visited together once, and bam! The next thing we knew, we were packing up our belongings, giving our jobs notice, saying our good-byes to friends + family and we were out by July of 2015. It was there that we purchased our first home together, endured many trials and experienced more adventures than we can count; it was where the foundation of our relationship was built.

Although we loved Durango, we knew our hearts yearned for more. We wanted to see what else was out there, we wanted to explore. For a long time, we discussed the idea of the 'van-life movement' and wondered if that was what we were being called to do. Ultimately, it became our 'end-game goal' to purchase a van, and travel the world. In March of 2018, [after lots of searching] we stumbled across, what we felt like, may be the perfect vehicle for our expedition- a 2006 Ford e350 living in Indianapolis, Indiana. After several phone calls to the dealership where the van lived and a bit of research, we decided to pull the trigger! A few short weeks from when we made our decision, we flew one-way from Durango ➞ Indianapolis to pick her up. We made it home [mostly] without a hitch, and finally had a freaking van in our possesion, sitting in our driveway- we were SO excited! Fast forward another month: we put our house on the market, gave our employers our notice and decided that it was time to get this show on the road... we couldn't wait another second. After selling our house, furniture and a few other things, we packed up our van + 4Runner with nothin' but a small handful of our belongings, our animals and ourselves and headed straight for Evergreen, Colorado [where Amanda's folk's are] where we will be home-basing to complete the build-out of the van. So here we are- making our dreams our reality, one step at a time. Beyond excited to share our journey with you all!

On our downtime, we enjoy hiking (currently working on the Colorado 14ers), rock climbing, photography and most things outdoors. We're the proud parents of three furr babies, Ranger + Cooper the pups, + Jax the kitty. Many people ask- YES, all of the animals will be joining us on the adventure!

We are happy to answer any + all questions- so feel free to reach out via our "contact" link, otherwise we can be found on Instagram + Facebook!