Wires and Window Covers


Since we last updated, several more super important tasks were accomplished- getting us one step closer to completing the build. WOOOOOOOO.


Photos 1-3: Filon siding, AKA RV siding was sourced from an RV repair shop in Denver. We bought an 8.5' x 9' sheet for $250 and cut three sheets to size to cover windows on the drivers, passenger, and rear windows. Holes were predrilled with a 6" spacing around the perimeter of each sheet. Then rivets were installed on the panels. After that I (Tyler) got out the trusty 3M 5200 Adhesive and ran a 1/4" bead around the outside edge of the panel and then also around the old metal frame on the inside as well. This way there are two two levels of marine grade sealant on the panels. The rear panel was put on first and kind of got goofed up, There is some wrinkling in the panel but the two larger panels on driver and passenger side went on a lot smoother. Sometimes you just need some practice!

Photos 4-5: Goody boxes!!! This was actually a pretty good find. We decided to go with the Maxfann 6200k. They are normally $212 but I found one through Amazon warehouse (scratch and dent) for $180, saving $30! This particular model has a rain cover so we can run the fan while its raining. It has multiple speed settings and also is able to be thermostatically controlled to open and run when the interior temps get too warm. Super stoked on this one. The other boxes were more sealant and Fatmat sound deadener.

Photos 6-9: There were a lot of excess wire in the vehicle (like way too much). It appears that Turtletop runs a standard harness for all trim levels with all options. There were many extra looms of wire for lights that were not installed in our vehicle that I removed. Also all the switches and wires for the wheelchair lift that was also yanked out. Basically the only wires that were left in the rear of the van were for the speakers and for the rear ac unit since we are keeping that in.

Photos 10-12: Wire looms put back together and all cleaned up. All together probably 10-12lbs of wire and plastic casing was removed from the vehicle. Score.


There you have it, folks! Stay tuned for updates in the next couple of days... lots on the agenda for the upcoming week!

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Tyler Till