A Series of Unfortunate Events

Heeeelllllo, hello!


It has been one heck of a week on the van build front, you guys... lots accomplished, alongside lots of craziness.

Earlier this week [while I was house-sitting down in Denver] I got a call from Ty. Of course, it didn't seem strange or immediately raise any red flags for me to receive a call from him. We would chat on the phone at least once a day if we knew he wasn't going to be able to make it down to the house to hang out with me. However, this phone call was different. 

"I did something to my f****** eye." he said.

Of course, the panic began to consume me. The questions, concerns... This was FUHHH REAL. Ty has an extremely high pain tolerance... In our three + years of dating, I've never heard him express a need for medical attention. Not once.

"Do you have someone to take you to urgent care?" I said.

"Yep, Tom [my step-dad] is taking me right now." he said.

Obviously I was super concerned, but really glad he wasn't blowing off any potential injuries related to his vision. I requested for an update as soon as he was seen.

Probably an hour + a half later, Ty called with an update. He said the urgent care doc didn't see anything [as far as any material/debris in his eye] but after observation under a blacklight, said his left cornea was extremely scratched. A referral was sent off to an optometrist, who would do a little more digging and see if anything needed/could be done in regards to the scratches on his cornea.

Fast forward another hour-ish, I received another update. The optometrist agreed that there was a lot of scratches on the surface of his cornea, and also did not find any debris that needed to be removed. Whatever it was in there that scratched up his eye, had thankfully worked itself out on its own. Ty left with some antibiotic eye drops that he was prescribed to use two times a day until the pain went away. *THANK GOODNESS IT WAS NOTHING MORE!*

Well... kind of. As far as the eye scare, anyways.


Fast forward a few more days, I get another call from Ty. 

"Sooooo... guess what I found sitting outside this morning?" [after a torrential downpour the night prior] he said.

"Ummmm.... do I want to know?" I replied.

"My camera..." he said.


Now you're probably wondering... why on earth was his camera outside anyways? Well... as you know, we're trying to document as much of our van build as possible, and Ty was using his camera while I was gone. After snapping some photos, he set it down [out of normal site] and left it outside. My heart sank... knowing that it was super unlikely to work after being drenched. Also knowing that the body + lens combined were not a cheap loss. UGH... Things are things, and can always be replaced. But the really tough part is that we would likely need a replacement in just a short, few months... not just when we could afford to do it. The reason being, is that we have a wedding to photograph in September, and obviously relied on having this second camera around for more photos. Ty mentioned that he tried turning it on shortly after its discovery, and that half the buttons didn't work... So, alas... we didn't hold our breath, but hoped for a freakin' miracle that some part of this camera could be salvaged. 

After letting her sit for a handful of days, we discovered that EVERY PART OF THE CAMERA WORKS FLAWLESSLY. The body, the lens. EVERYTHING. What a weight to have lifted off of our shoulders! We continue to pray + hope that nothing craps out as time goes on, but it seems like we got super lucky and that maybe this time, we have learned a potentially super hard lesson in a much easier way. What a relief!


Of the almost months worth of work, we are pleased to say that, despite a few hiccups along the way, nothing dreadfully horrible has happened! And though we don't ever anticipate the worst (just not our personalities... glass is half full kind of people) it's nice when things just have a way or working out/working themselves out. *Sigh of relief.* 

Ty has since promised to use those nerdy science goggles every time he's working on the van. HAHA. 


Stay tuned for more updates here soon! Lots of exciting news to share, so much progress is in the works. 








Tyler Till