Bed Frame

Hi, everyone!

We apologize that the blog post is a few days late here- it has been a very exciting + productive week! 


Photo 1: The 2 inch insulation was installed around where the wood supports would be installed and left over 1/2 inch insulation was doubled up to 1 inch behind the wood framing.

Photo 2: Washers were used as spacers to keep the 2x4 supports vertical against the curved body of the van.

Photo 3-6: Multiple styles of fastening were used to construct the bed platform. The wood was screwed directly into the metal frame of the van where applicable.  Pocket holes were used to join the two pieces of wood together to keep a slim profile. L brackets were used to attach the legs to the floor. Corner braces were used to join the, well, corners.

Photo 7: The furring strips installed on the walls which will be anchor points for the finished wall and cabinets.

Photo 8-10: The outer portion of the bed frame installed. Then 2x4 hangers were installed with a 13 inch spacing and 2x4's attached to the hangers to span the width of the vehicle. This setup will allow us to fit a full size mattress on the platform and have 30 inches of height underneath the bed for storage space.


We posted a little sneak peak photo a few days ago on Facebook + Instagram with another super exciting addition [that we will elaborate more on in the next blog post.] We have been so hard at work, and can't wait to share those details with you all soon. The vision is really starting to come to life with each bit of progress... it's hard to believe just HOW close we are getting to livin' in this thing!!! Well... not thaaaaaattttt hard. ;) But you know what I mean.

We wish you all a wonderful rest of your weekend! 

Tyler Till