Build Update: September

Happy Saturday, everybody!

As promised, we have a handful of van-specific updates to share with you guys.

Photo 1: Found some nice looking wainscoting at Home Depot for the wall finish. These were 4x8 sheets cut down to fit the walls. There are a few reasons I decided to go with this material. One being the ease of install. Big sheets were quicker to put up then a bunch of tongue and groove boards. Which also means there are less crevices between boards as well, so easier to clean and insulate. The other big factor was flexibility. The boards are a quarter inch thick and flexible. Since nothing is straight inside a van, this made install easy.

Photo 2-4: This is the battery tray design I came up with. My brother Nate welded it up for us while we were visiting Iowa for a family vacation. The hole in the floor where this is mounted was actually one of the areas that were cut out due to water damage. So… a very good use of a hole in the floor! The batteries will be able to be picked up from above which will keep things easy down the road for removing/replacing them in the future.

Photo 5-7: Next major update: cutting a hole in the roof for the vent fan. Though this seems like it would be very daunting, it was actually straight forward and simple.

Photo 8: Just a shot of how the exterior looks as of now. This is the first time the tarp has been off as well. So now we will see how well resealing panels holds up to rain.

Photo 9-10: The new table saw that I picked up for building cabinets. I decided on this one because it could make cuts 30” wide, where as a lot of other saws in this price range and even more expensive could only cut 24”. This saw cost $350.00, which was a sweet spot I was willing to settle on. I didn’t want to get a cheap saw, since I enjoy wood working and will use it in the future, but also did not want to spend $500.00+ for a “nice” saw.

Photo 11: Here is the cabinet on the passenger side of the van. This will house the oven, the battery access and electronics, and a bench seat to the left that will be storage space.

Photo 12: This is the driver side cabinet. The left side is where the refrigerator will go, with drawer space below that. On the right is where the sink will be with 18 gallons of fresh water and 6 gallons of grey water. The plastic jerry can you see under there is what we will be using, 6 gallons each, 4 in total.

That’s all to report for now! One of the next big projects on the list is the solar install/wiring— suuuuuuppppeeerrrr exciting that we are going to have power in this bad boy soon. One step closer towards moving day!!! Stay posted for more updates soon, and apologies there haven’t been many posted this month. Definitely not for a lack of updates ;) that’s for sure. Just been a crazy, busy, wonderful month!!!

Thanks for reading!

Ty + Amanda

Tyler Till