Doorframe and Disaster


OK, so the word "disaster" might be a bit of a dramatization... but we did have a super s*** thing happen a few days ago. Refer to the text below, explaining photo 1 for more information on that incident.


Photo 1: While trying to install our brand new window, we had a bit of an oops... 1/2 inch screws weren't quite long enough to grab the compression ring and window frame together. So, logic says to use a longer screw. 1" was just a hair too long and the point of the screw shattered the window. Not a very good moment (or hour) after the fact, but we got over it. Amanda got a small cut on her arm (from holding the window from the outside while I was screwing it on), and fortunately that was the only injury from our little situation. The really good news, is that we kept a few of the old ones around that we in fine enough condition to use. Also 3/4" was the correct size screw to get everything back together. Just a tiny $300.00 mistake... Oops.

Photo 2-6: Here we have the old swing out bus door removed. Nothing a Saws-All can't fix! Then 2x6's were trimmed to size for the side of the new door frame. The rear 2x6 was notched to allow the new RV door locking mechanism to sit nicely in the wall. After that a header was cut from some left over marine grade plywood. Two layers of plywood matched the width of the 2x6 perfectly. The hole in the side of the vehicle was from the switch to open the swing out door. Which will also be getting a few layers of fiberglass.

Photo 9-10: Fiberglass materials ready to go on! Laid down 3-4 sheets of 6oz fiberglass cloth over the wood frame and switch hole. Then sanded it a bunch and painted the areas to match the rest of the body.

Photo 11: Two new batteries for our house power. We decided on two 100ah batteries. So we will be adding 200ah of power to the factory auxiliary battery under the stairs.

Photo 12: And to top off this update we have our finished flooring! Lifeproof brand vinyl plank flooring. Claimed to be 100% waterproof. Which seemed like a good fit in the van since we will have the animals and muddy/wet shoes coming in and out of the vehicle.


So, other than that one thing... we are trucking right along! Some of our next plans will involve finishing the door, installing the window (again... wish us luck) and installing the finished wall paneling. We will be updating on all of that very soon. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Ty + Amanda

Tyler Till