Pre-Build Dilemmas....

Well, there have been a few rough spots along the road so far but hey, there are going to be more in the future too, right? I think it was two weeks ago I went outside to grab something outa the garage and noticed quite the puddle of tranny fluid under the van. Ran it down to a shop to have it looked at, they said it needed a new transmission, end of story. 

So after that I sat under the vehicle for an hour or so myself and things just were not adding up. So we took it to another shop for another opinion. Long story short they replaced multiple stripped bolts on the oil pan, replaced a missing bolt on the rear tranny mount, fixed a broken exhaust hanger, an exhaust flange bolt that had snapped, and also the driveshaft ujoints. The shop had also informed me that one of the cylinders had a misfire and that was causing the rough idle. So they also replaced all the spark plugs too! Final bill ended up coming in at $1,600.00. Which I thought was a very fair and reasonable price considering the amount of pieces they had replaced and fixed.

If anyone is ever down in Durango, CO and in need of a tune up I would highly recommend Mountain Auto Care for any vehicle needs.

Tyler TillComment