Rollin' Right Along!

What's up, everybody! Amanda here. 

Since our last blog post, it feels like we have accomplished everything + more than we hoped to have accomplished at this stage in the game (which feels freakin' awesome.) Over the last week, we have:

  • [REMOVED THE WHEELCHAIR LIFT- HURRAY!!!] It was a collaborative [muscle] effort accomplished by Ty, my step-dad, his buddy + a Skid Steer. So glad to have that thing gone. We couldn't find it a home, unfortunately- so ended up taking it down to the recycling center. 
  • [CUT AND REMOVED ALL ROTTED PLYWOOD AREAS] Thankfully, these areas weren't massive. Like I mentioned in our last post, we were very happy to discover that about 80% of the plywood subfloor was in decent enough shape to leave installed. There were two areas that needed removing. The one directly to the right of the entry door, and the other being the rear driver side corner. The one next to the door is atually going to end up being an access door to where the batteries will be kept.
  • [CONTINUED RUST REMEDIATION] We are absolutely thrilled with how much better the rusted areas look after taking a wire wheel + crowbar to them. There is one spot on the passenger side of the vehicle that is still pretty rough- but we will continue to work on it and see how much more we can accomplish there.
  • [CLEANED SKELETON OF THE VEHICLE WELL WITH ACETONE] In preparation for rust preventive spray paint.
  • [SPRAYED SKELETON OF THE VEHICLE DOWN WITH RUST-PREVENTION PAINT] In hopes of avoiding the same issue that happened before... haha.
  • [CUT NEW PIECES OF MARINE GRADE PLYWOOD] *to replace the old, rotted ones.
  • [PREPPED THE MARINE GRADE PLYWOOD TO BE INSERTED] Painted the underside of the wood for an extra protective layer since it will be exposed to road grime from under the vehicle.


Basically, we are so stoked with the progress. I've been a pinch under the weather here the last week or so... therefore, I have mainly been on blog/photo duty this week while Ty does all of the 'heavy lifting.' I thought this guy was amazing before... *heart eyes.* He deserves ALL of the credit for everything that got done this week. 

I am pet-sitting down the hill for the upcoming week [in Denver], so I will use this opportunity to take it super easy. Ty is staying up at my parents with our animals, and has agreed to come have "dates" with me when he isn't working on the rig, haha. We are down to one vehicle- figured it'd be better for him to have to grab supplies if he needs, so I am chillin' good with my laptop, movies + animal cuddles galore! 


Stay tuned for the next update coming in a few days!

Tyler Till