Van Remodel Updates

Hi all!

Apologies for the delay here in getting this thing up and rolling. We've been actively working on the rig for roughly almost two weeks [with a handful of rest days in the mix] and have found it somewhat challenging to muster up the motivation to work on blog posts after long days in the heat. We are going to try and get better about posting these as we are working on certain projects, because we are getting tons of questions about what we're doing, next steps, etc. Thankfully, we have been documenting with photos and videos quite a bit-- just haven't posted them HERE yet [*small blurbs with photos are being somewhat regularly posted to our social media pages though.] 

To date, here is what we have accomplished with our van build:

  • [Stripped out all of the old insulation and most of the old stock bus interior.] This part of the project was essentially straight-forward, no huge issues or surprises except for finding some seriously waterlogged foam insulation underneath one of the passenger-side windows. No plans in the super near future for purchasing new insulation/interior just yet, as we have a few more projects to tackle requiring exposure from the inside. 
  • [Stripped out all of the old vinyl flooring.] Man, that stuff was REALLLLYYY stuck on there... we had to pry most of it with a crowbar from underneath... very slow + very tedious process. A few areas where super easy to remove, but I would say about 80% of the removal was a somewhat time consuming process. The plywood underneath is surprisingly not in the worst shape... but will definitely need replaced in a few different areas where water was exposed. We are going to purchase some half sheets of marine grade plywood to replace the old, rotted areas here in the next week or so. We talk about wanting to do some kind of water-proof vinyl, plank flooring eventually, but this part is still down the road.
  • [Started stripping down the loose rust from the stairs and a few spots on the window frames with wire wheels.] We anticipated that we would have some rust on our hands (midwestern vehicle)... but not to the extent that we ended up discovering. The stairs from the entry door are completely covered in rust, and a few different areas along the skeleton of the vehicle near windows. Maybe not our favorite find, but we will roll with it. We eventually plan on covering the stairs with a bed liner (once we are able to strip down as much of the existing rust as possible) to prevent the same issue from reoccurring. Of course, we will spray these areas well with a rust prevention paint as well. 
  • [Unbolted the wheelchair ramp.] This project was literally put off so many times, simply because we didn't even know where to begin. However, after some investigation and digging around, Ty realized that because the bolts were so corroded, that he would just need to cut them off rather than trying to remove them manually. And that's what he did! So we've [he's] officially unbolted the wheelchair ramp, and the next big project will be getting it out of the van. A lot of people have asked if we are going to try and sell it, but it appears there isn't really a market for old wheelchair ramps. We aren't even 100% sure if it works, so we may just try and donate it or take it to the dump if no one wants it. 

So to date, we feel we've accomplished a pretty fair amount of work (while still allowing ourselves a few days here and there for breaks/days off.) We still have a ton of work to do, a million more trips to Home Depot, lumber yard, etc., but are excited about our progress! We are really looking forward to the day that we are able to start building the shelving, bed frame, and the other interior touches that will begin to make it feel more like HOME. But alas, there is more "less fun" stuff that needs to be handled first.

As mentioned above, our next big projects will be:

  1. Removal of the wheelchair ramp
  2. Continue stripping down all rusted areas  
  3. Replacing rotted subfloor


A very sincere thanks again for all of the love + support! Stay tuned for updates, and don't hesitate to reach out for any questions. Advice is always appreciated as well. 

Tyler + Amanda



Tyler Till