We Have Insulation!

Hey, folks!

Obviously, the title is a bit of a giveaway... but we have insulation! Everything is now completely insulated in the van (minus the cab...future project). I (Ty) decided that the way the structure of the van laid out in the walls we would be able to fit 2 inch insulation in the walls and ceiling. We also decided that rigid foam board would be one of the easiest, one of the cheaper, and one of the higher R-values we could install. The walls and ceiling have an R-value of 13 (R13) and the floor we went with a lot thinner of a sheet to keep a reasonable amount of head clearance. Which was sized at .5 inch thick and an R3 rating. Heat rises so the floor isn't as necessary to insulate heavily. Sheeting of 1/4 inch plywood was then laid over the foam board on the floor to give it some rigidity. Lastly, you will see in a few of the photos that there are some grooves in the walls. These will be used to install furring strips, which will act as anchor points for things such as cabinets, bed supports, and anything mounted to the walls. 

Next update- furring strips and wood supports going in! Until next time!

Tyler Till